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The Journey of Something For Everyone

As I thought about making my first album, I remember thinking, I want everyone to like at least one track on this album. Given that, I came up with what I believed to be the perfect title for mass appeal “Something For Everyone.” Now, I had to know if this was unique. I went to CDBaby and searched for that title. Here is what I found:

Something For Everyone

Hardly unique, and then I had to listen to these artists. What I gathered from that experience was “something for everyone” is one of two things.

A. Artists who really want to include a lot of different genres on their CD.

B. Artists who stay within their genre, but create other elements that could be said to be very accessible, a rock song about working 9 to 5, for example. Ever since then, I have taken the approach of A. I want to try a smorgasbord of styles. I look forward to being able to share this CD with you! Album comes out on June 7th, 2018.

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