June 30th – The End? Or the end of the beginning?

It’s the last day of June and in the first post of this blog I aimed to have my book finished by today, finished and released. This will not happen, as I still have one thing left to do.  I contacted Hal Leonard because I wanted to reprint a lyric from a song licensed by them to put after the acknowledgements page in my book.  I am still waiting to hear back from them, so I have the permission to put the lyrics in the book.  I’m thinking now, if it wouldn’t be better just to publish the lyric on this blog. It’s lyric one page up from this one.

The book is 100 percent done. In fact, I just submitted it to Creatspace and they will tell me when it’s ready to go up. There is also the possibility of re-publishing it on KPD, but that will take more time because this book has pictures and apparently it’s harder to publish writings to kindle that have pics.

I really appreciate you checking out this blog.  Looking up quotes has really been an eye-opening experience, sometimes finding quotes that apply very nicely to my book, and other times being shocked somebody said this or that!  And there are so many people who have said some great things that I haven’t included because of time constraints or not having thought of them. I hope you’ve enjoyed the art and songs by various artists and bands, and some of the other stuff I’ve written/taken 🙂

So the book will come out (tomorrow or later, I don’t know exactly when), I hope you will consider reading it, and thanks again for checking this blog out. 



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