Book Update

I am given the option to get a proof of the book or receive a proof in PDF form.  I elected to get the PDF.  I originally thought writing a novel would be hard, but not requiring of a gazillion edits.  As it turns out, if you ever chose to write a novel, (and self-publish it) getting the words and story formatting correct is just the beginning.  You have to think about which page is on the left side and which page is on the right side.  You have to make sure the copyright page is on page 2 (but the back side of the first sheet)  You have to add blank pages if you want a  page to show up only the right side and make sure pictures are a certain DPI or else they will look blurry.  I submitted my PDF at max settings (4,000 DPI) so hopefully the text and pictures will look as crystal clear as they possibly can.  I submitted my book to Amazon and they will check it to make sure everything is A-OK.


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