From “The Art of Photoplay Making”

The New Art

“It is a common error to judge the photoplay by the standards of the stage drama, and to condemn it because it cannot do exactly what the stage drama can do.  That the photoplay is silent and practically wordless is a fact, but this fact is really no more to be deplored than that sculpture is without coloring and that music is invisible.  The man who deals with facts instead of prejudices must consider the limitations of the respective arts, not as defects, but as differentiating qualities.”


Movies weren’t always called movies.  Back in the early 1900s movies were called “photoplays”.  It’s worth mentioning to add meaning the context of this time.  This was when movies were new.  They weren’t even movies like we think of movies now.  They were silent films until 1927.  It was a newly developed scientific experiment.  A way of documenting something in a series of still pictures (which was only invented in 1840 so was about 60 years old at the turn of the century).  And now filmmaking is something that is so much more complex, and hardly can be categorized in a sentence. They are so many things to so many people. Entertainment to the general public, investments to investors, experiments for filmmakers, and work for paid actors. And I imagine if you hate movies, they are what you avoid!