Praise for Anna’s Performance of My Piece “In The Twilight”

A piece that I wrote was recently played by the great Anna Sutyagina. Since it was uploaded yesterday, it was shared 44 times, liked and loved a sum of 130 times on Facebook, liked 17 on YouTube and watched 3,100 times! Many comments were written about it!

“Beautifully Evocative…” – Cameron S.

“La musica esta inspirada , entre escuelas y movimientos culturales…Musica , …es solo MUSICA.” (English translation: The music is inspired, between schools and cultural movements… Music, it’s just music.) – Boris C.

“Beautiful Song” – Diego B.

“Haunting” – Douglas M.

“Music really original…” – Robert S.

“What a beautiful mysterious piece” – Stephanie S.

“A beautiful tribute to Debussy” – Esteban G.

“Meditation on the sadness of humanity on the planet today.” – Steve M.

“Very Nice” – Hadi T.

“Wow so beautiful…” Hans Z.

“Oh what a nice piece” – Joel R.

“I’ve never heard this piece before. So mysterious and lovely and played so beautifully by you, Anna.” – Hal D.

“Anna, this is a beautiful performance and great piece! I do hear a great Debussy influence here and you play it with great sensitivity.” – Jackie P.


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