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Help Fund a CD featuring Original Classical Music I wrote!

I am a very lucky guy.  Just today, I had a great experience.  I went to a concert and heard some great pieces.  I heard Rachmaninov, Elgar and Saint Saens.  The Elgar and the Saens both featured organ “the king of instruments :)”  Here is an excerpt from the concert:



I’d like to share with you a project that is currently underway.  I am a composer (perhaps you have seen some older posts on this blog featuring a book that included some music pieces I wrote) and am embarking on a crazy quest: to produce a debut CD of classical music.  Organ pieces, piano pieces, pieces for orchestra, you name it.  This is no easy task and it requires some $$ to get done.  I have started a kickstarter project http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/561693284/bring-bach-romantic-music so I can raise the required minimum $300 to make this CD possible.  However, I need more pledges to reach the goal.  There are 14 days left.  I’m really looking forward to making this work, fair and square.  If you could tell your friends about this, that would be awesome.  Oh yeah, one more thing–you’re the ideal of my dreams 🙂


And for all of you barbershoppers, this ones for you:



Blessed in more ways than one,



Stephanie Void — The Blue

If you’ve ever been to kickstarter, you know there’s a bunch of everything, people with new inventions, smart phone accessories even calendars with photos of cats for every month!  The nice thing I like about kickstarter is you can follow another persons project in a special way.  It’s not just like a book comes out and you buy it if you are writing a book.

It’s like blogging but with a twist like if you order food at a nice restaurant you are invited into the kitchen to watch them put it together.  You get the good smells and everything.  You can get updates, pictures, a whole lot of goodies.I’d like to share with you a book by another author (who backed my project and I backed hers 🙂 )

Stephanie Void.  I’m really looking forward to reading it after I get my book finished.


Here is the Kindle version (with a free sample if you click on the cover)


and print version: